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As the founder and president of Healthy Futures, Bruce C. Underwood, Dr.P.H. fosters trusted relationships as he mobilizes individuals to create lasting behavioral change. Working closely with governmental organizations and special districts as well as other clients, his company is committed to holistic health and healing — integrative lifestyle health. He also provides Disease Alleviation programs to organizations. Dr. Underwood’s passion for the practice of health and well-being, combined with his academic achievements and expertise, drive his dedication to people’s longevity.

Dr. Underwood is a consulting Certified Preventive Care Specialist and Exercise Physiologist as well as a Certified Nutrition Specialist. This enables him to educate, advocate for, and empower employees in a meaningful way. As a hands-on consultancy that specializes in organizations and special districts, Dr. Underwood’s expertise in public health is highly relevant. He endeavors to work with people whose long-term employment in the workplace enables them to commit to sustainable programs. This makes possible quantifiable results that can be monitored and evaluated over time. His lifestyle counseling covers the areas of nutrition, exercise and movement, addictive behaviors, and stress management for disease prevention and treatment.

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Dr. Underwood earned his doctorate in Preventive Care and his second masters degree in Public Health Nutrition from Loma Linda University. He earned his first masters degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Kansas. Dr. Underwood has taught at the graduate and undergraduate level in Sports Medicine for Chapman University, and has served as the Sports Medicine program advisor for the masters degree program at Chapman University. His research interest is in healthy aging. He has published extensively and presented nationally on the topics of nutrition and exercise for the older adult.

Further, Dr. Underwood served John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital as the director of its Valley Wellness and Prevention Center. During the course of his career, Dr. Underwood was the executive director of the Heart Institute of the Desert Foundation. He also served as director of fitness and tennis at the Health & Racquet Club at PGA WEST. Dr. Underwood has served as an exercise physiologist for Kansas Cardiology Associates and for the Olive W. Garvey Center for the Improvement of Human Functioning in Wichita. In addition, he served as the marketing director for the Doctoral Program at Loma Linda while attending Loma Linda University.

Having served as a preventive care professional with various fitness, medical and wellness facilities across the Coachella Valley, he is also current with CPR and First Aid instructor certifications.

In addition, Dr. Underwood served as an elected official on the Coachella Valley Recreation and Park District’s Board of Directors (A California Special Taxation District dedicated to public recreation). He has been a lifelong athlete, competing in the Los Angeles Marathon, the Seattle Marathon (twice), the Stockholm Marathon, and the 100th running of the Boston Marathon in under four hours. Above all, Dr. Underwood is dedicated to his family and a healthy lifestyle.

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