Realistic solutions for real people.

Let’s face it, humans have many layers: from physical and psychological to social, mental and spiritual factors. Simplistic solutions to health and well-being are short-sighted. That’s why we take a holistic approach — covering mind, body and spirit — as we help individuals navigate and implement the optimum path to vibrant health.

Working one-on-one with each employee or individual, and in group settings for classes, seminars and events, Dr. Underwood and Healthy Futures offer a challenging yet motivating — and ultimately transformational — experience. Using current scientific data and each person’s natural healing capacity, we design actionable and customized plans based on a foundation of integrative lifestyle health.

Healthy Futures offers two levels of programs for organizations with a third program for those with existing illnesses: our HealthLaunch program is for individuals getting started and our Longevity in Action program is for people at an intermediate level. We offer a Disease Alleviation program for those with chronic illnesses.

Restoring Health. Advancing well-being.

We believe it is the complete experience of working with us — every single aspect of interaction and support — that further sets our company apart. We are dedicated to every individual in the organizations we serve, and for whom we create and monitor our programs. As such, we are guided by expertise, diligence, kindness, intuition, accountability, and confidentiality. And above all, compassion and care.

Whether someone is health-conscious, has troubling sleep patterns, poor food choices or suffers from a chronic illness, each individual will make a different emotional connection with the Healthy Futures programs. What matters is that each makes a self-directed commitment to his or her health for an authentically better life: more energy, clarity and motivation as well as a sense of belonging. We believe something life-altering happens when a person commits to his or her own health and well-being.

Aligned with your values. Committed to the journey.

We know that when individuals sign up for our organizational and corporate programs and commit to taking on their health and well-being through nutrition, exercise and lifestyle modifications, they will benefit, over time, from an improved quality of life. Not just better, measurably better. That means improved health and increased energy, positivity and performance. It is as much about stress reduction, social connection and mindfulness as it is about exercise and other factors. Enhancing every area of people’s lives for a sustainable level of unimagined well-being.

The key to success for our programs is buy-in from the organization as well as the individual. This is about an organization committing to a culture of health, which must be aligned with its values. The well-being of every individual — from the most top level manager to the most entry-level worker — must be valued. We’re committed to helping your organization make that happen, and facilitating every step of the way, each person’s lifelong journey.

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