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Healthy Futures’ customized programs, at their core, are about improving people’s lives. Our Coachella Valley-based holistic practice in Riverside County assesses and studies a convergence of factors that impact the whole person. As the founder and thought leadership behind Healthy Futures’ programs, Dr. Underwood is an impassioned advocate and champion for health and well-being. He offers realistic solutions that not only work for individuals but also pay off for employers.*

Leading the Healthy Futures multi-factorial, multi-disciplinary counseling practice, Dr. Underwood offers a one-of-a-kind set of qualifications that combine his work as a Certified Preventive Care Specialist and Exercise Physiologist with being a Certified Nutrition Specialist. This enables Dr. Underwood to educate and empower employees to make better behavioral choices. Now more than ever, with escalating health-related costs and an aging workforce, as well as a newly-retired population that’s growing, the need for proactive measures is critical.

Well-being: at the heart of success.

Dr. Underwood compiles all the information, using both data and intuitive insights to make informed decisions. Using specific measurable, attainable goals with a realistic time frame, driven by the latest research technology, Dr. Underwood and his team develop a personalized plan of action for each individual. The plan is closely monitored and evaluated to ascertain results and modify over time as needed.

Our programs are infused with an authentic, welcoming feeling that transforms employees’ involvement from tenuous trial to inspired participation. Add to that a sense of possibility and a large dose of enthusiasm. Whether it’s to explain face-to-face a program to a new participant, conduct an on-campus health seminar, or manage an employee’s chronic disease, we endeavor to serve each person to the best of our ability. That can mean working with someone who has become smoke-free after multiple setbacks, an employee who has at last attained normal blood pressure, or someone who is medication-free with healthy outcome measures for various biological markers. Each scenario, in its own way, can spell success.

Investing in people and productivity.

As someone who has has dedicated his entire life and career to health and healing, Dr. Underwood’s programs are informed by a heightened knowledge base and level of care. He forges deep, long-term relationships with employees to cultivate enduring, sustainable health, rare in a typical workplace setting. When implemented and followed over the long-term, the promised experience is highly effective. Healthy Futures offers proven methods to accomplish preemptively what the “wait until you’re sick and take medication” mindset doesn’t. Of course, we also work closely with those who suffer from chronic illness through our Disease Alleviation program. Yet, our goal is to work with people proactively, intervening before they suffer from illness, to optimize health, well-being and productivity.

Finally, Healthy Futures builds a close-knit community in its client organizations around a vibrant, healthy lifestyle: this promotes vital organizational and social connections and longevity. As you can imagine, these programs are not intended to be, nor do they work as, a quick remedy. That’s why we stand for long-term relationships and quantifiable results. All with a commitment to changing behaviors that’s supported and reinforced over time. It is more than possible: we live it every day.

*According to a 2010 Harvard Business Review article by the Harvard Business School Publishing Corporation, “medical costs fall by about $3.27 for every dollar invested in wellness programs. Absenteeism costs drop by about $2.73 for every dollar spent. The benefits for employers, productivity and employee health outcomes has been demonstrated. Even more, these programs engender loyalty: health employees tend to stay in their jobs.

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