Experience well-being and longevity at work.

The evidence is overwhelming. Health and well-being programs in the workplace and beyond are more than a nice idea; they’re the science-based solution to rising healthcare costs, illness and absenteeism. At Healthy Futures, Inc., led by thought leader and integrative lifestyle health expert Dr. Bruce C. Underwood, we believe that great health isn’t just the absence of disease. It is vibrant mind/body/spirit well-being. Smart nutrition paired with sound exercise and lifestyle choices add up to energy, vitality and happiness. All of which enhances work-life balance, productivity, and longevity.

Health, Well-being, and Longevity in the work place
Dr. Bruce Underwood of Healthy Futures, Inc.

Dr. Bruce Underwood

As the founder and president of Healthy Futures, Bruce C. Underwood, Dr. P.H., M.S.E., M.P.H. fosters trusted relationships as he mobilizes individuals to create lasting behavioral change. Working closely with governmental organizations and special districts as well as other clients, his company is committed to holistic health and healing — integrative lifestyle health. He also provides Disease Alleviation programs to organizations. Dr. Underwood’s passion for the practice of health and well-being, combined with his academic achievements and expertise, drive his dedication to people’s longevity.

Motivating people. Powering momentum.

Our highly personalized and transformational programs empower — and profoundly impact — each individual’s health behavior shifts. Developing programs for organizations and districts as well as private clubs and corporations, we work one-on-one with individuals to produce long-term results. It is about enabling people to find self-motivated solutions through nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle behavioral choices that achieve long-lasting healing and health.

Mental, social and physical health

Healthy Futures exists to provide valued clients, employers and individuals with a holistic approach to getting and staying healthy.

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